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Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are partners who want to help people grow their businesses. They do this through Everwebinar where they teach viewers how to make their business profits bigger and better. The Everwebinar Reviews are positive  and 11,560 members have joined, and whow how it is easy to do if you just follow some simple steps and read the Everwebinar review pages..

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Everwebinar the “live” yet automated webinar program. Find out why:

They talk first about how automation and event marketing can be joined together to grow an Evergreen Business, but added benefits of integration and social media attention and live chat etc.,. When this is done, there is benefits seen not only in the business profits (money coming in on autopilot), but also to the customers. Because customers are seeing benefits, there will be more customers, allowing the business to grow even more because of the value given.

They begin by telling us that automation events are easy to use and ready all the time. They are basically plug and play so anyone can use them. They promise to teach about the five must-have ingredients for a successful high converting event. In addition, they promise to teach about six customer-getting strategies that work with automation events.

They continue by telling the audience that technology makes the automation possible. Even a small amount of traffic from automated events can generate a high profit so this is clearly a good idea from a business point of view. They even claim that this strategy is used by high profile businesses such as Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla Motors, to name a few.

OK, cut to the chase? Ready to dominate? Heck ready to get money?

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OK, here are my bonuses  you’ll get this here which is 

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everwebinar bonus
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ever webinar bonus
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  • Show you how to use EverWebinar

Continuing onto EverWebinar Review…

Who’s this for?:
• Start up
• Started but stuck, not getting results
• Reached a ceiling in revenue
• Professional, consultant, or coach –provide service

As you can see, in my Everwebinar review, this includes just about any business that wants to make more money. Automation events can help most businesses to achieve higher profits.

They continue on to say that to grow, you need leverage in your business. Leverage is the power or ability to act or influence people or decisions. This is the most dominant force in business. Combining automation and events is the most powerful way to gain leverage and therefore, business.

Automated events have the best ingredients for sales. Every single person is treated like a VIP to make every visitor feel special. It does not matter how many people attend with smart technology. Since it is automated, events can be held any time, to be convenient for everyone.

Founders Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime

Founders: Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime continue by telling the audience that you must provide excellent value to the attendee. You must start with a big promise that will give the attendee value by the end. You will then tell about the discovery of how you were successful. You want the attendees to understand how you became successful.

Then they teach the strategies that will help attendees to achieve the promise made in the beginning. Your attendees will come to see you as an expert if you give them information that adds value to their businesses. Giving examples of your own outcomes, or those of case studies, will make attendees feel you are knowledgeable about the product or service you are offering.

Finally, you will make an offer to the attendees that they cannot refuse. You should stack the best price with the best bonuses and guarantees. Increase your business performance by at least thirty percent by answering questions from attendees at the end of the presentation. Getting the answers to their questions will help attendees to take action.

Some ways to get and keep customers include email list building, use of social media, joint venture partners, and promoting other people’s products
1. To build email lists, offer automated events with real value. You will get email addresses and the customers will get real value.
2. When using social media, act casual and offer the automated events as a valuable asset to friends. Friends and family will become customers.
3. Joint venture partners offer events that are so content rich that each person is treated like a VIP. Partners will like this because it adds value to their business. Attendees get tons of value. With automated events the joint venture partner can schedule at any time that fits their schedule
4. Promote other peoples products and offers with a high converting strategy that captures traffic to email lists. Treat customers to an event that you are promoting. It allows you to share product information, tips and advice that maximize the power of the product. Offer an Everwebinar bonus only if they buy through your affiliate link and it will help you build an email list and trust.

Automated events are great because they allow you to work one time and profit all the time. They increase the effectiveness of product launches. With an automated event, you get benefits to maximize your profit.

After a sale is made, customer can be invited to a special event where training is provided. Events offered during guarantee period will reduce the number of customers who want refunds because they feel they are getting added value for the money they spent.

These gentlemen tell the audience that this strategy will work for most businesses. They are very convincing because they use their own strategies to sell their event. They tell the audience that you do not need to do everything when you are getting started, thus not overwhelming potential customers.

As the Everwebinar continues, they the audience how easy it actually is to get started. They tell us that we can take old webinars or sales presentations, and turn them into automation events. The technology is ready and reliable. It is simple to use and the price is reasonable. It all works through a web browser so there is no need to download anything.

• You don’t need a lot of traffic to make an event profitable.
• The system works for virtually everyone.
• It is easy to use event automation.
• You don’t have to be perfect in presentation
• The presentation given is very convincing and shows us how the system can work.

Really none unless you don’t like making money!

Automation events can help your business grow. Everwebinar reviews can help you see that you need this system for your business. It is easy enough for anyone starting a business or just trying to grow a business to use.An EverWebinar bonus is offered at the end when the men tell that there will be another webinar to watch soon.

Want more videos on exactly how Everwebinar is gonna help you? 

Everwebinar Video 1

Everwebinar Video 2

Everwebinar Video 3


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